Work Stories & Opportunities

file0001654423644The Work Stories page will share personal work stories under the theme A Day in the Life of . . as it relates to various occupations. I will also bring you stories about the  daily grind of work  and workers struggles, successes, start-ups, mistakes and failures, starring

  • employees
  • job seekers
  • entrepreneur
  • side hustlers
  • freelancers
  • trades contractors
  • makers and crafters
  • work-at-home entrepreneurs

Work Opportunities will share current and future work opportunities and trends such as online and flexible work jobs that the Jamaican worker can take advantage of, skills and professional training opportunities available in the local and online marketplace.

Also find here

  • Moneymaking/Small Business Ideas
  • Labour market news and trends
  • Productivity tools and tips

Click to read the published stories and articles here:

1. Sweetie Confectionery Hiring 10 Happy Workers…

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