Hire Me (English Training, Editing and Proofreading Services)

Welcome to my English training,  editing and proofreading services page.

You write. I clean and polish up your errors and give your copy the impression you want it to make.
Grammatical, spelling and mechanical errors convey a negative impression and can cost you a business deal or a passing grade (if you are an academic). They annoy and distract your readers.

 What does a proof-reader and editor do?

A proofreader checks your copy line by line to detect errors of grammar, usage, punctuation and spelling, typographical errors, orphan sentences and other obvious formatting errors. As your proofreader, I’ll painstakingly correct the errors and do another once-over to polish up any remaining issues that will distort your message.

Editing addresses bigger document-level issues like sentence structure, word choice, voice,  paragraphing, consistency in ideas, pagination and formatting of technical aspects of the document.

I can help you produce a high quality A-class document that is readable and effective. I have a meticulous eye for details. Line by line, word by word, I’ll comb through your draft until I’ve erased all those irritating print imps.

Here are some common documents that I’ve worked with:

  • business correspondence – letters, memos, incident reports, annual reports, newsletters, marketing copy, blogs, website content
  • academic documents- student essays, theses, dissertations to Masters level
  • career documents – application cover letters, resumes and Curriculum vitae
  • speeches – business, ceremonial, sermons

As you can see, much of my work involves academic and business texts, but I can also edit fiction and other kinds of writing. Non-native speakers of English are welcome.

 One line or 1000 pages, I’ll provide a service marked by consistency and satisfaction, completed in a timely manner and for a reasonable investment.

 I am also a professional writer and Language and Communication instructor. With my combined professional background and experience of over 25 years working with words, the chances of you not being satisfied with my work is very slim.

But just in case you are, I believe in fairplay and will work with you to tidy up any loose ends. I am very fair with my customers.

Work Terms and Fees

 Standard turn-around times depend on the size and complexity of your document.
To get an estimate of cost and actual turn-around times, contact me using the Contact form below.
I will ask you to email me your draft. I usually send you a  questionnaire that will help me to fully understand your needs and the scope of the job. Complete it as fully as possible. I will review it and provide you with speedy feedback on price and time.
So, don’t hesitate. Don’t lose another night’s sleep.  Never look bad on paper ever again.

 Language and Communications Industrial Trainer

Are you company that hires industrial trade workers? Do you have workers who are still not NVQ-J certified because they have  failure the Communication assessments?  Do you need a trainer who will help them complete while on the job?

Are you a student needing tutoring help to pass your assessment(s)?

I’ll provide on site training and assessment preparation in the unit competencies generally assigned to the  skill groups highlighted in bold.

Mechanical,  Welding, Electrical Installation/Maintenance , Plant Maintenance

  • Undertake Interactive Workplace Communication (Level 1)
  • Communicative English
  • Write Technical Reports (Level 2)
  • Advanced Write Technical Reports (Level 3)

AC and Refrigeration 

  • Apply Language and Communication Skills (Level 1)
  • Communicative English
  • Write Technical Reports (Level 2)
  • Advanced Write Technical Reports (Level 3)

General Construction , Carpentry, Steelfixing, Furniture Making

  • Carry Out Interactive Workplace Communication (Level 1)
  • Communicative English (Level 1)

Renewable Energy (Level 4 groups)

  • College English
  • Technical Communication/Writing

Information Technology groups

  • Interactive Workplace Communication (Level 1)
  • Communicative English
  • Write Technical Reports (Level 2)

I will come in and do diagnostic assessments to determine the learning needs of the employee and then design a training plan within your budget and appropriate time lines to meet your training goals.

I’ll then come to your organisation and deliver (depending on staff needs) half-day, one-day  or a 40hr series of workshops using current and effective methodologies and media suited for adult learners.


About the Blog

In the meanwhile, you can build your English skills by following my blog. I’ll try to answer the most  confusing  English questions  and provide proofreading advice that could help you avoid mistakes in your academic and professional communication. Check in regularly with this blog, or better yet click on Follow to receive notifications in your inbox every time I post.


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