I am a communications specialist, educator and proofreader/editor. This is my education blog.

Purpose and Mission

Assessment Prep Resources is about giving workers, vocational learners and high school students career, workplace communication and study resources to help them increase their English competencies,  gain proficiency on their respective examinations/assessments as well as success in the workplace and society.

The word ‘rigor’ according to edglossary.org refers to instruction and learning experiences that are academically and intellectually challenging.

“Rigorous learning experiences, for example, help students understand knowledge and concepts that are complex, ambiguous, or contentious, and they help students acquire skills that can (be) applied in a variety of educational, career, and civic contexts throughout their lives,” the glossary explains further.

My mission is to start and promote rigorous learning experiences among Jamaican students and workforce to help build a cadre of effective communicators, information seekers, critical thinkers and problem solvers – some of the 21st century skills required to become effective citizens, workers and leaders.

In essence, my objective with this blog is to:

  • help improve your survival communication skills.
  • help you ace your formal English assessments
  • provide links and access to free and affordable assessment,  career and  training content such as communication books, videos, online and institutional training courses, e-learning websites, moodles, apps, self-assessment tools, quizzes, practice and past paper assessments and study tips, guides and feedback to help students ace Language and Communication assessments.
  • create a forum for interaction and exchange of ideas on matters that concern your learning.
  • provide professional writing, training and proofreading services to clients interested in tapping into my skillsets and experience.

New Changes

Originally, the blog’s target was technical vocational  learners pursuing  Level 1 to 2 NVQ-J certification.

I started this blog while working as a  Communications Instructor at the national skills training agency in my country  because I wanted to make this an e-learning forum for my students who needed additional support to pass their competency units, particularly Level 1 Language and Workplace Communication and Level 2  professional and technical writing. I also prepared clients seeking matriculation in the HEART schools to pass the English entry test.

You’ll notice that most of the resources found here are designed for this group; however things are about to change around here. I’m expanding my online classroom to other students.

If you are a high school student following the English Language curriculum for Grades 7-11 as well as a candidate preparing  for the examination qualifications, namely Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (C-SEC) and Caribbean Vocational Qualifications (CVQ),  follow my blog to receive the latest English lessons, exemplars, practice exercises and tests, education news updates and links to the best study resources I’ve curated from the Web.

Make Contact

To make contact, you can email me at taylor-karen@hotmail.com or gee4214@gmail.com.

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I hope you’ll visit frequently. Leave a comment when you visit so I can know what your needs are and how I can help you further. Let me know whether  you found the resource you came looking for, and whether the resources you’ve found are helpful.

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