Spike Industries Needs Bike Salesmen

Do you have a bike with a cargo box attached? Spike Industries is currently employing bikers to join their sales force for their distribution region in and around Kingston.



Company Profile:  Spike Industries

Spike Industries is considered one of the leading manufacturers in the domestic beverages industry in Jamaica. The Jamaican-owned company was established in the early 1980’s and since has been producing fruit juices and other healthy beverages for domestic consumption. With one of the largest state-of-the-art beverage manufacturing plants in the country and a sizable fleet of trucks, Spike Industries’s known brand and distribution footprint has enabled the company to maintain a dominant position in the wholesale and retail distribution market. It continues to improve its product offerings based on local consumer demands and initial trends.

Business Name: Spike Industries Ltd.

Company Size: Medium

Business Address:  99 Windward Road, Kingston

Phone: 930-7414 / 938-3816

Total Number of  Employees: 50


How Many Vacancies Exist?

Unlimited, although I’m sure there will be a cut-off point. When asked, a contact at the company stated there was no specific number of bikers needed, so it’s pretty much open if you want to apply for the opportunity.

Required Education/Qualification: None stated. All you need is a working bike which has a cargo box attached to the back.

Where are these jobs?

Candidates will serve the company’s Kingston operations mostly, however, if it is convenient for you to travel from other parishes, the Spike contact said, you may apply. The company also has an operation in Sav-la-mar but the company spokesperson said she was uncertain whether there was a need in that area.

Best Advice: Apply even if you are outside the immediate region. If not needed for Kingston routes, your application would still be placed on file for consideration when rural sales work opportunities turn up.

I’m Interested. How Do I Apply? 

Use any of these three options to submit an application or express your interest.

Phone:930-7414 / 938-3816

Email: Send resumes to spikeindustries@gmail.com

Hand Deliver/Mail: Spike Industries Limited, 99 Windward Road, Kingston 2.





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